How do I return an item?

We're sorry you weren't satisfied with your rug!

Enter your order number and email address 
here, which will take you to your order details page. Once there, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Request a Return" button.

On the return request page:

1.) Click on the item you'd like to return.

2.) Then, choose your shipping method. You can either choose to use our return shipping and have the cost discounted from your refund, or try to find your own return shipping method. 

Note: as an enterprise, we are usually able to provide you with a lower cost of shipping that you would be able to find as an individual. However, we offer the option to use your own return shipping in order to provide our customers with maximum flexibility.

3.) Finally, pick a reason that best describes your return.

Once you've finished requesting a return, you'll be provided with a return authorization number; if you used our shipping to return your rug, you'll also receive a return label from FedEx. Be sure to clearly write this number on the outer packaging of your area rug.

You can rewrap your rug in its original packaging, use plastic packaging at FedEx, or use a similar heavy-duty protective covering, such as plastic liner found at hardware stores.

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